Our History

It all started with a book

Marg Wade has a passion for Canberra and has written two very successful editions of Canberra’s Secrets in 1999 and 2003 — a great guide book that highlights a local’s perspective of Canberra and what makes it tick.

Marg particularly seeks out the things that are behind the scenes and different — the ‘secrets’. A third edition is on its way, due for publication in 2017.

IMG_0041For many years Marg has been taking visiting family, friends and international colleagues around Canberra, showing them the things she loves. Marg has worked in media and communications roles within Canberra’s cultural attractions and environment sector, researching and promoting Canberra on radio, television and in print.

So now it’s time to share all that with you as Marg launches Canberra Secrets Tours.

Canberra Secrets Personalised Tours provide a true local perspective of what makes this city tick, highlighting the secrets and the quirky within — from the national attractions, through to the city’s thriving café culture and the wonders of the Australian bush. Marg provides standard tours as well as private, personalised tours.

Based on the successful Canberra’s Secrets* publications by Margaret (Marg) Wade (in 1999, 2003 and the soon-to-be-published third edition in 2017), these tours are the keys to unlocking the heart and soul of Canberra.

ABC StudioListen to Marg’s monthly segments on Saturday mornings on ABC Radio Canberra with Greg Bayliss last Saturday of the month at 7.10am @ABCCanberra, also last Saturday of the month at 10.15am on 2CC, or Mondays weekly at 7.10am on 1053 2CA Breakfast with Frank Vincent.

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  • Look out for the 2017 edition of ‘Canberra Secrets’ #canberrasecrets